Rabu, Mac 25, 2009

definisi kerja

my workstation for these 2 years-plus time.. but dono until when.. =p

i am working in a so-called BIG BIG BIG company.. international company to be mentioned.. also one of the ISO & other dont-know-for-what-certification-systems company.. company i am working with is producing a WELL WELL WELL known product consumed by SO SO SO economical-monopolied race.. and also marketing a product which has been a co-sponsor for a LAGHA LAGHA LAGHA reality show in a paid television station... huhu =p

i have been working here for 2 years and 4 months.. and i am counting each day the number increased.. this profession of mine is same with my field of studies when i was in varsity time and i am happy that i can still get the job related to my field of studies during this people says-economical down era.. (still lotsa people spending tyme & money for shopping as well!! =p) yet to be blessed with the salary & working environment here where i do have friends i can count on to and chit chat to when bored word came across my clean mind.. =pp

i love my profession eventhough i need to face with all the 'kumans' and bad smell everytime my task completed.. as me myself originally is a 'pembersih' (but not really a 'pengkemas' =p) girl, i dont have much problem to adapt to my task and applied my original ways looking on things which considered as dirty.. people always asked me, how cleaned is 'clean' & how dirty is 'dirty'?? my answer is always as simple as ' when u look or touch things and u feel like a statement 'wut is this??' playing on ur mind, then that is considered something not right, and in my case, when the thing is not right to be considered as clean, it is called dirty! hehe can we consider it like that?? =p

working give u salary.. to most people, that is the most important thing to be always bear in mind.. or maybe if not the most important thing, it should be one of the important thing to be always remember.. to some people salary means nothing without satisfaction.. they only able to work with heart if they got a job which is suits to thier interest.. or worst if they only able to work with heart if they got a job which is suits to their field of study only!! during this economical down.. fussy & picky means u'll be dead meat..

to some people working is somekind of therapy where u'll feel relief when u are at work.. u feel dizzy if u are at home (except if u are doing SOHO) and feel like everything is not right until u got to do things that u consider as 'work'.. this is what we can categorized as workaholic.. or maybe if worse, we can call them as 'workaphagia' (read as : to much like of something, normally use in food terms) =p

dono wut else to rite.. i am damn bored now in my workplace that is why i cud spend some time blogging bout this subject.. ngeee~