Selasa, November 09, 2010

pls pls pls kamu jangan terlebih

dear you,

somehow i feel it's good for me to learn how to handle customer complaint plus completing the report.. i try to take it as positive as i can.. i can learn more about the product, the record details, the equipment used in manufacturing site, the customers' peel, and initiate a communication with lotsa people whom i never talked to in this factory in order for me to get the respective document to support the report..

i feel ok if i was given the customer complaint task every single week.. i feel in that way that i can polish my investigation skill.. caused if i were to do the investigation & report only once in a blue moon, i will definitely forget the method to do so.. it's just that DONT PUSH ME TO SUBMIT THE REPORT JUST AFTER 2 DAYS U GAVE ME THE SAMPLE plus no any information to support the complaint and expect me to submit such a niceeee report!

bleh dak?

and to that another you,

pls dont use the word 'bos suruh awak handle kalau ada apa2 complaint, saya cuma cari record2 yg berkaitan je. report2 sume same ade awak atau cik Tan yg buat' bleh dak? if i didnt get the instruction from that abovementioned 'you' to handle the complaint, why must i? it's not the seniority that u have that u can used to voice out such idea. pls and pls.

pls dont step on me.
coz i wont let people step on my head!

think i'm sweet?

noooooot so sweet!


the end.
thank you.

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  1. mona, ko buat je repot palsu. seriaously, aku klu time depa naaaaaaaaakkk sgt tergedik2 repot, padahal sampel baru bg 5 minit yg lalu, aku buat result palsu jek.padan muka!